The session listing provides links to the presentation papers or slides in PDF format, where provided by the presenters. Email links are those provided at the time of registration for FLEAT 5, and will no doubt break over time.


Time 10:15-11:00 11:00-12:00 2:00-2:45 3:00-3:45 4:15-4:45 5:00-5:30
Pres. A 2 Students' Perceptions Toward Online communication Use in L2 Acquisition (Junko Handa) (Poster) 8 iPods and Wireless and Deans, Oh My! Challenges and Opportunities (Samuels, PANEL) 11 Simple and Complex: SAKAI Project (Crandall, Kautz, Browning) 20 CMC In (and
Outside) the L2
Classroom: Tomorrow's
Technology (Peter
27 Learning Culture and Language by a Bilingual Key-Pal Project
(Yasuyo Edasawa)
36 Extreme Makeover: The Language Lab in a New Role (Georgia Schlau)
Pres. B 3 A step towards compulsory English in elementary schools in Japan (Miyuki Takahashi) (Poster) 9 New Directions in Language Center Direction (Panel) (Gonglewski, etc) 12 10 Questions to Ask: Adopting Web- Based Text Modules (Patricia N. Early) 21 The Hidden Benefits of a CALL Facility (30 Min) (Abbot) 28 Integration of Technology in Foreign Language Programs (Teresa Herrera Johnson) 37 ARFIE: Testing Without Tape (Browning)
Pres. C 4 The Effect of Task Type on EFL Speaking Test Performance (Huei-Chun, Teng) (Poster) 10 Collaborative Technology to Keep you sane (Marston) 13 Kanji alive: A next generation online kanji teaching tool (Bosse, Arno) 22 GILT-y Pleasures: Teaching Globalization and Localization (Pete Smith) 29 The Effects of Technology on Language Learning Research in Japan
(David Aline)
38 A report of an out of class reading activity (Sachiko Takahashi)
Pres. D 5 Development of Computer Software: New Readability Formulas (Miyazaki)   14 Effective use of Web-based lessons with Streaming Video Clips (Jun Iwata) 23 The effects of IBCALL on L2 writing for beginner FSL (Kimberly A. MacDonald) 30 Adding Voice to Language Exchanges via the Internet (Todd Bryant) 39 Improving Oral Skills From A Distance (Scott Despain)
Pres. E 6 Assessments in the Language Media Center (Heather McCullough) (Poster)   15 Virtual Language- Learning and Culture in Context: A New Dimension (Yoshiko Saito-Abbott) 24 Can CALL really help Advanced CFL Learners? (Linda Chang) 31 E-mail Tandem Language Learning Project: Students Awareness (Akihiko Sasaki) 40 A Pilot Study to Search for Possibilities in English Study… (Kimura & Obari)
Pres. F 7 E-mail Exchange Project at Elementary Schools (Shimizu)   16 Hurricanes, Earthquakes and Floods Oh My! (Judi Franz) 25 "Tell Me More": A First Step Into Technology (Claire Bartlett, etc) 32 Communicative Language Learning in Virtual Realities (Matthew M. Schmidt) (Grad) 41 Utterance improvement among communication skills with voice- (Rumi Tobita)
Pres. G     17 Making Wikis Work (Doug Worsham) 26 Integrating the Wiki and Blog Authoring into EFL Classes (Shuji OZEKI) 33 Blogs, Wikis, and Forums: Improving Learners' Writing Skills (Hajime Kumahata) 42 Mobile Photo Blogs in the Language Classroom (Paul Daniels)
Pres. H     18 A Multimedia Tool for Enhanced Feedback on Oral Performance (60 Min)
(Michio Tsutsui)
34 Teaching the Usage of Cultural Keywords by Using Corpora (Yuka Ishikawa) 43 E-C Concord: a Computer Tool for Foreign Language Education (WANG Lixun)
Pres. J     19Integrating Resources for Task- Based Interactive CALL programs (60 min)
(C. Ray Graham)
35 Application of the EFR in English Language Learning (60 Min)
(Soo- Young Choi)


Henderson Plenary Media Centers as Agents for Community Outreach (Rachida Primov)

Time 10:15-11:00 11:00-12:00 2:00-2:45 3:00-3:45 4:15-4:45 5:00-5:30
Pres. A   50 Aligning Service to
Mission: Managing
Technology in the
Language Center
    66 Help! I need a ...:
Sharing Resources through Digital Repositories & Collections (60 min)
(Crandall, Powell, Stone)
Pres. B 45 Teacher Training for English Activities in Elementary schools (Yoshikazu Yanagi) (Poster) 51 IALLT and Publishers Roundtable (Jeffrey D. Samuels) 53 Technology Marries
Listening Comprehension
with Culture (Françoise
61 Digital Deutsch:
Implementing Hybrid
Language Courses
(Thom Thibeault)
  75 How the Difference Affected the Retention? : Two Empirical Studies (Toshiko Koyama)
Pres. C   52 Content Representation and SCORM (Bush) 54 Videotexts : A Tool for Language and Cultural
(Dick Kuettner)
62 Integrating insights from multiple disciplines: Crafting … (Wakefield) 68 DVD Captioned Video and Foreign Language Comprehension (Paul Markham) 76 Talking to your web page: speaking practice online (Dennie Hoopingarner)
Pres. D 47 Streaming Video from the Web to the Traditional Classroom (Thomas Pals) (Poster)   55 Language learning:
Physical footprint,
virtual footprint
(Thomas Hammond)
63 Going Digital with "Virtual Overhead" (Dan Soneson) 69 Public Performance
Rights for International
Films (Sawhill)
77 How to Assess English Proficiency with CASEC
(Hiroyuki Obari)
Pres. E 48 Theta Rhythm at the Frontal area of Brain Facilitates L2 Eng (Hideko Nakano) (Poster)   56 Preview of LSU's OLLR Website for Lesser Taught Languages (Andrew Tabor) 64 Towards New Media: Music as Bridge in the French Curriculum (Douglas W. Canfield)   78 Publishing for the Profession: The IALLT Journal, etc.
Pres. F 49 Keypal Friendships in English Language Courses (S. Kathleen Kitao) (Poster)   57 Using Mobile Phones for FL Education (60 min)
(Chris Houser)
71 Proficiency Differences in CALLBased Vocabulary Learning
(Chieko Kawauchi)
79 VIE: Virtual Italian Experience (Dan Bayer)
Pres. G     58 5+years of Wireless Laptops: A retrospective and a look ahead (Barbara Sawhill) 65 Continuous Improvement in Integrated CALL Learning Systems (Joseph South) 72 A New Model for Teaching Arabic: Technological…
(R. Kirk Belnap)
Pres. H     59 Using ICT to Facilitate Learner Autonomy in Project-Based Learning (60 min) (Hiroko Suzuki) 73 The Relationship Between Japanese EFL Learners' Listening Ability & Vocabulary (Yumiko Imai) 81 A Corpus-Based Lexical Analysis of the English Section of the DNC Test (Ishikawa)
Pres. J     60 Learning centered strategies & course design (90 minute panel) (Pat Miller) 74 Cost-Effective Video for Language Learning Materials Development (Michael Bush)


Time 10:15-11:00 11:00-12:00 2:00-2:45 3:00-3:45 4:15-4:45 5:00-5:30
Pres. A 82 Colorful Responses: Maximizing Web Feedback for EFL Writers (Seiko Oguri) (Poster) 87Copyright 2005 Panel (Shoaf, et al)   97 Language Classes Come Alive with Animated PowerPoint (Mimi Yu) 103 Desktop Audio and Video: Boosting Oral Output through Technology (Barbara Sawhill) 112 Podcasting: A Solution in Search of a Problem (Read Gilgen)
Pres. B 83 Instructor's Reaction
to New Technology
(Sean P. Palmer) (Poster)
88 "Backward Design" for Language Instruction and Technology (Françoise
89 WebCT to Moodle: Technical Issues and Student Performance (Patrick Blaine) (Grad) 98 Are You Still Listening? Audio in the 21st Century Panel (Scinicariello, et al) 104 Virtual Office Space Available: Inquire Within (Mark R. Freiermuth) 113 Using CALL programs to teach EFL through Children's Literature (LEE Hsing-Chin)
Pres. C 84 VirtualTheater: Script, Draw, Voice-Act! (Ryoko Yoshida Keaton) (Poster)   90 Online Teaching Materials: Development and Implementation (Junko Fujimoto) 99 Give your course management system a voice! (Stacey Lynn Powell) 105 Learning Styles Effect on CALL (Miho Endo) 114 The Language Lab 2005: Making Online Speech Possible (Jeff Magoto)
Pres. D 85 Internet-based Personal Listening Program (Hironobu Okazaki) (Poster)   91 Can You Hear Me Now?" Using an LMS for Oral Assessment (Michael Heller) 100 Adventures in Teaching: Discovering Technology (Jessamine Cooke-Plagwitz) 106 Using Computers to Improve Reading Skills and Speed (Kenji Kitao)  
Pres. E     92A Kicking Individualized Learning Up a Notch! (Wilson-Duffy)
92B An Enviornment for Supporting Self-Instructed Foreign Language Learnina (60 min) (Thornton)
107 Computer-Displayed Reading among Japanese EFL Learners (Yuko Matsumura) 115 Use of Movie Materials Presented Through SMILE FOR ME (Junko Yamamoto)
Pres. F     93 Wicket 2.0: Managing the UVic CALL Facility (Alida Abbott) 101Using Interactive Media in Presenting Childrens Narratives (Kikuko Shiina) (30 min) 108 Constructing a Tutorial on a Bulletin Board System (Shota Yoshihara) 116 The Effects of Learning English Outside of Japan--A Case Study (Yoshimi Funakoshi)
Pres. G     94A ObjectMover: Building New Tools for For. Langs. (Otto/Pusack)
94B New Authoring Software and Video-Based Lessons (Murphy)
109 Development of a Hot Potatoes quiz module for XOOPS (Yoshimasa Awaji)
Pres. H     95 Japanese-English Parallel Corpus Application and CALL (Kiyomi Chujo) 102 Development of English Rapid Reading Program by Chunk Method (Tanaka) 110 Making E-Learning More Effective by Taking Individual Psychological Factors Into Consideration (Midori Kimura) 117 Professional Development Initiatives for Foreign Language Faculty (Ute Lahaie)
Pres. J     96 ADA 508 Compliance: Tools and Approaches Panel (Judi Franz)   111 Developing and Implementing MPEG-7 for Video Content Modeling (Michael Bush)